9 Steps in Choosing the right Domain Name (For your Blog or Website)


Choosing the right Domain Name for your blog or Website is just as imperative as choosing a company name. It is an important step in Starting a Blog or a website, so, it requires a lot of thought process in choosing the perfect domain because whatever you end up with will be your online identity. You want to make sure you come up with a domain that not only reflects your business but also easy to remember.


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The 9 checklists  will guide you in choosing the right domain name for your blog or business:

1.      A .COM Domain is preferable

A lot of times, internet users assume that a website has a .com domain because a .com is by far the most popular domain extension. So, having a .net, org, .info or any other domain extension puts some sort of limitation to people who want to find your domain. However, there are tons of blogs and websites that make use of other extensions and as you must have noticed, yours faithfully, uses a .net domain TLD. The reasons why people resort to a .net domain a lot of times is because they could not secure their dream .com domain, so they have to settle for something else. There is no need to worry if your domain is not a .com because apart from the popularity it offers, it really does not affect r ability to rank well in search engines such as google.

2.      Secure your Brand

In addition to buying your preferred .COM domain name, you may also want to buy the .NET or .ORG version as well as a misspelling of the domain name. This is important so that some else does not buy another variation of your domain and steal some of your potential visitors who could have mistyped your domain or entered another domain extension.

3.      Stay away from Numbers and Hyphens

Numbers and Hyphens are a no no. When you tell people that your domain name is MyDomain4me.com, a lot of times they don’t know whether to write (4) or spell our “Four”. It can be really confusing. It is also not ideal to include a hyphen as part of your domain name because they can forget to add it to the domain name and may be invariably directed to someone else’s domain instead of yours.

4.      It should be Short and Easy to Remember

If your domain is too long, it may prove difficult for your customers to remember and spell, so you may risk losing a lot of potential customers to your blog. So, try to make it as short as possible.

5.      It should contain a keyword

You should consider using a keyword that describes what kind of services or product you will be selling on your website. For instance, if you’re into a shoe making business, then your domain can be ShoeMaking.com or ShoeMaker.com. Just make sure your domain tells people what your website is all about before they venture to visit it.

6.      Localize your Domain

If you’re going to be running a local business in Miami for example, it is best to have a domain such as MiamiShoeMaking.com so that it can be optimized and displayed for people who want are looking for a service specific to Miami in Google. It helps in Search Engine Optimization.

7.      Research your Domain name

Before you choose that beautiful domain name, it is imperative you conduct a little research to make sure that the name is not trademarked or copyrighted in order not to land yourself into a legal battle in the future that could cost you.

It is also imperative that you make sure your chosen domain name isn’t already been used on major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on.

8.      Consider using your name

When everything else fails, you can consider using your name as your domain name especially if the domain is going to be used primarily for blogging. Bloggers such as Neilpatel.com and amylynnandrews.com use their names as their domain name and they have become successful.

9.      Grab your Domain Name fast

According to Verisign, 12 million domains were added to the number of domains in the first quarter of 2016. This has made the number of domains registered to be over 300 million. Thousands of domains are registered every hour, so you have to act fast to secure the domain name of your dream, go to NameCheap and start your domain journey today before someone else beats you it.




Author: Afam Orji

Afam Orji is the founder & Owner of Internetvisa. An IT specialist and blogger with over 10 years of experience. He has a degree in IT & BIS from the Middlesex University, Mauritius.


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